Support and Advice

Exams can be daunting for everyone - no matter how many of them you've sat, each one brings its own challenges and circumstances which can make you feel under pressure. Fortunately, we have a wide range of resources available to help you to be better prepared for your exams, from helping you plan and revise better to just giving impartial advice.

Academic support

Throughout the year the My Learning Essentials program offers workshops and online courses on a variety of topics, with many being directly related to exams. Examples include:

  • What's the big idea: developing and organising your argument
  • Study strategies for success
  • Finding motivation
  • Challenging unhelpful thinking habits
  • General drop-in sessions

In the immediate run-up to the exam period, Exam Extra sessions are run in the Main Library and Alan Gilbert Learning Commons as a part of My Learning Essentials, which are designed to give extra support to all students, no matter where you’re up to with revision.

You can also attend wellbeing events scheduled by the Library which will help you to maintain a calm frame of mind during your revision sessions.

Pastoral support

Peer Support

If your course has Peer Support Schemes, Peer Mentoring or PASS, then you have a great resource to ask questions. Whether you want to get tips about a specific exam or want to ask for advice on how to best manage yourself during the exam period from someone who’s recently been in your position, Mentors and PASS Leaders are ideal people to talk to.

Academic Adviser

If you’d prefer to talk to someone else, your Academic Adviser is there to help you in these situations, especially with advice relating to your course.

Face-to-Face Support

In addition, The Students’ Union Advice Service and the University Counselling service both offer free and confidential appointments for students Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. If you want to talk to someone outside of these times you can contact Nightline, a confidential phone and e-mail service whose number you can find on the back of your student card.