After your exams

Congratulations on completing your exams!

What happens between the end of my exam and my results being released?

  • After you finish your exam, there is quite a lengthy process that your exam paper goes through before its final mark is confirmed.

  • Your anonymised paper is returned to your School and marked by the lecturer who set the exam.

  • The marking is then checked by internal and external examiners.
  • All of the exam marks then go forward to the Final Exam Board for your subject, which only meets after every exam has taken place.
  • You receive an e-mail from your Programme Administrator telling you that your exam marks are available to view.

Finding your results

  • You'll receive an e-mail from your programme administrator notifying you when your results are available. You'll then be able to find your results in the Student System.


My exam/results didn’t go to plan, what should I do?

  • There is plenty of advice available if you would like to talk to someone about your exam results. 

  • To see a list of the various types of help available, go to the support pages.