Before your exams

With the exam period only a few weeks away, it's important to be well prepared.

  • Take ID with you - Ensure you take a form of Photo ID with you to the exam. This should normally be your Student ID card but a valid Passport, Photo Driving License or other National Identity Card are also acceptable forms of ID.


  • Leave valuables at home - You will be expected to leave your bag away from your desk in the designated area during exams, and therefore you should not bring valuables to the examination room. Please ensure that mobile phones, smart watches, tablets etc. are turned off and placed in your bag. The University is not liable for any loss of personal belongings that be experienced during exams

What to do now

  • Prepare and Revise - The most important thing to do at this stage is to prepare and plan for your exams. Find out what is going to be assessed in your exam, look at past papers and work out a revision schedule.


  • Regulations - You must also familiarise yourself with the University's Policy on Examinations & Examinations - Guidance for Students. These contain a lot of useful information about what is acceptable or not acceptable in the exam room.